The City Bus….Making A Connection

It’s been a few years since I joined the fellow travellers that always use the city bus for transportation. You know the ones, we stand on street corners waiting for our 20 plus seated ride to pull up. We wait on sidewalks loaded down with packages; hot in the summer, cold in the winter and standing under umbrellas when it’s raining. We’re all different shapes and sizes, personalities, with different goals and special gifts, in different stages of our lives with all of us having at least one thing in common, we are on our way to get somewhere!

Still riding the bus has it’s benefits, I don’t have to worry about the price of gas, paying insurance, buying tags each year, breaking down along the street or buying tires. I don’t even have to worry about getting a speeding ticket or a ticket for running a red light because I did a rolling stop as a lot of people have been know to do once in awhile. True…I have to walk more than I would should I be driving but…that just means that I am getting more exercise, so it’s a healthier choice…right?

Another added benefit is the fact that it can get me out among people that I wouldn’t normally be around should I have a vehicle. I’ve seen all sorts of people ride the city bus, some are everyday people like myself. Some are mothers and fathers taking their kids to school or picking them up. Some are people just running errands. Some are teenagers running here and there and some are college kids running to classes. I’ve also met doctors, lawyers, nurses and even librarians riding the bus. Sometimes only for a day or two until their own car is fixed and ready to be driven again.

It’s been nine years this month since I moved back to town and my truck gave up the ghost and died completely, making it necessary to ride the city bus when I need to go somewhere. It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long. Still it’s been enjoyable. I’ve met some really nice people on the bus while I’ve been heading out to where I need to go.

People like; Dawn who is around my age and always has a smile for me when she sees me. Always remembers my name and wants to chat about anything and everything, though never anything bad about someone else.

Or Miss Russell who is probably around 80 and one of the sweetest older lady in Springfield. Everyone knows her and she knows and she remembers everyone. A kinder lady there never was.

Or Mike, who is in his late 50’s and is heads to the library every day to read something about America’s history. A man with a kind heart and who has a wink and a smile for everyone.

City bus drivers are friendly and helpful too if you give them half a chance. They are also people who are in the know. Generally they pay attention to weather reports because they have to drive in it. They also know the ends and outs of city because they have to maneuver the detours, traffic and construction. Plus, because they hear chatter on the bus from the passengers they know alot of the fun places to go in the city.

Riding the city bus…not just a connection to where you need to go, but a connection…to other people.



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