A Free Moment’s Stray Thought

      Hello…do you ever sit down and wonder about things? Or when you have a free moment does a stray thought pop into your mind and it just makes you stop and think of things for the few moments, seconds or minutes that you have before you’re rushing off to the next task.
      Well, my free moment came and the thought that I had and am still having to think about is….how in the world have people managed to find their significant other in this huge world?
      It’s amazing to me. Granted I fell in love 21 years ago when I met my friends brother-in-law and it was all over from there. And rather quickly. We knew each other almost 6 months when we got married and we were together a total of almost 10 years before he passed away so suddenly and I’ve been a widow now for almost 11 years.
      I’ve had a serious relationship after that and a couple of short term dating relationships and yet….it alludes me how people find each other in this huge world and make something of it, how it even happened the first time, it seems like a fluke. Even though people everywhere are finding love and acting on it….getting married and starting families of their own.
      Being single at 41 is alot different then being single at 20 or  21. Meeting people isn’t as easy and let’s face it, people usually have more baggage the older that they get. They’ve seen more of the world, had more experiences and been changed by them.
      I haven’t given up…the right person is out there it just sometimes takes time….

Kari Lee


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