Ramblings Of A Single Woman

Have you ever had a night where you can’t sleep and nothing you seem to try will send you off to dreamland? Warm milk, sleepy time tea, soft music or a thousand other things that at times help. Tossing and turning in bed and your thoughts just running from one thing to the next until it lights on one idea that you just can’t seem to shake and then you really can’t sleep because you get excited about the idea? And then finally because after you made all sorts of plans with this idea in mind…you fall asleep exhuasted? Yes? No? Okay, maybe it’s just me. (Chuckling) Well I had one of those times a few weeks ago. It seemed like such a great idea and one that made total sense.

A few weeks ago I figured that it was time for me to get back out in the dating world but because it’s been “awhile” I had lost some courage in that area, and wanted to find my way again without throwing myself into the deep end of the pool right at first so to speak.

So, my great idea? Jump online and make a profile and see what would happen then. However it took some planning. I mean to be successful I needed to do a few things. I needed to have a snappy Profile ID, a good picture with my hair and make-up taken care of, an email address just for the website so that I wasn’t giving out my personal one and then I needed to answer the profile questions that at first glance made me twinge.

So I’ve been wading through the messages and questions. What’s amazing in itself is the variety of ages. Men as young as 21 years old on up have approached me. It’s flattering to be sure but it just doesn’t….seem real…to me, online dating. It’s different when their face to face.

*When you can see them face to face and look into their eyes.

*Gauge their answers when you ask them about themselves or answer their questions.

*To be able to feel the chemistry between you….

All important things…and it’s just not the same chatting online…

Another thing is how open people have been. I’ve been approached by single men wanting a relationship, single men want to just have an affair, and married men wanting to start something. All kinds have sent messages…

So, I’m learning…learning more and more each time I sign on to the site. Wish me luck?!

Kari Lee


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