Procrastinator….Just Another Name For Lazy?

I’ve long since realized that I am one of those people that work better under pressure. Or maybe it’s called laziness in my case? Not that I want to be lazy. I make up lists of what I need to do, fully intending to stick to the plan….sticking to the lists that I’ve made.

*What I need to do

*What I need to do the task

*What I need to do each day

*When I need to have it finished

I have all of that in my head, I do, as well as written down on a pad of paper or even typed up on my cell phone. I think about it, plan for it and then something comes up and it blows my plans out of the water and then some. Then I rework my plans and my lists and I get started.

Example: Tomorrow the maintenance man is supposed to come and take care of some things around the apartment. Odds and ends mostly, but I have a list of things that need done before he gets here. Simple things, like;



●Making sure the laundry is put away

●Dishes are washed and put away,

●That Mary’s (my adorable dog) toys are put up

●Giving the bathroom a once over

Yet, here I am, it’s 9:41pm and I’m relaxing in front of the tv, working on this blog. I should be up and working on the apartment, getting things done before I go to bed. That’s what I should be doing. In truth, I will get up a couple of hours earlier than usual in the morning and I’ll knock everything off of my list. Instead of what I had planned on doing this evening. My new plan for this evening? Watching “Welcome Back Kotter” on METV at 10pm and then heading to bed.

Tomorrow I’ll put on my favorite fast paced music and knock every thing of the list in record time.


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