Sometimes A Touch Of Romance Goes A Long Way


The above quote? It really is true, men really don’t have to be perfect at romance to make a woman happy. Of course every woman is different and no one thing works for everyone. It just takes paying attention to the woman that you’re with and looking for little ways to make her smile, make her feel loved.

I remember some of the things that my husband would do to make me feel special and it always worked. They were simple things but done with such love and tenderness.

~ He would write me little notes saying he loved me and leaving them where I would find them when he was at work.

~ He knew that my absolute favorite food in this world was/is pizza. He came home after work, surprised me with a pizza from my favorite pizza place in down, including drinks and napkins and we went to the resivour and relaxed for a little down time in the great outdoors.

~ I am really really allergic to the outdoors. It’s gotten better over the years but I’m still allergic to all sorts of flowers, grass, trees and so on…Medication helps but it’s not perfect, so I back away from flowers especially. I mean yes, they are beautiful but why torture myself? Anyways, back to the next romantic thing. Knowing all of this, my wonderful hubby had gone to the store and bought a bunch of gorgeous silk flowers that I kept for years and years until they wore out.

~ There was a short time in our married life where we didn’t have a television. So to pass the time and entertain ourselves, we would read a novel together all the way through. He never failed to make me smile when we were done at the end of the day with jobs, chores and all sorts of things to distract us, he would settle down on the couch, book in hand to start reading whatever book that we were reading at the time.

~ My husband was a good cook. He could make just about anything and make it taste delish and he’d never taken a cook course in his life. Having people know that he was a good cook wasn’t something that he wanted to have published to his friends and family, however I can still picture him fixing me something to eat once in awhile and bringing it to me with a smile on his face, love in his eyes.¬†

What are some of the ways that your boyfriend or husband have taken the time to make you feel special and loved? Sometimes we know right when they do it and sometimes…it’s so subtle that we don’t realize all the care and love put into it until after it’s over.

Kari Lee


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