6 Things My Dog Does That I Love

Taking A Break From Whatching The Yard

I have just always loved animals from as far back as I can remember. I love everything about them, how loving, loyal, protective they are, how they seem to always understand how we are feeling.

The only thing that I really dont like is the fact that they dont’ live as long as we do. That’s the only negative thing I have ever been able to dislike about them.

Just like people, each dog is precious and special in their own right, each having a personality all their own…likes, dislikes, skills and handicaps….Yes, each breed has general things that make those of that breed alike, but each individual dog is like a person utterly unique.

Which brings me to the object of this blog, what I love most about Mary….

Mary With Her Harley Davidson Hat

1.) I can take Mary anywhere and not put a leash on her. She stays close to me and doesn’t stray more than 5 feet from me while we are outside.

Mary on the couch

2.) We live in a carriage house with two apartment on the second floor. We each have our own apartment door and then there is the main door that stays locked downstairs, so it’s a secure building. I have proven this to my neighbors that I can leave my apartment door and the main door downstairs open and Mary will not even venture out into the hall. She might go to the apartment door way and sniff but she won’t leave the apartment.

Her Sneaky Look

3.) When I’m home she will let me know if there is someone knocking at the door, if someone is in the hallway, or even if there is someone out in the frnt yard, be it a human, but if I’m not home and someone knocks on the door, my neighbors and friends have told me that she won’t bark, they can hear her dancing by the door, (I have wood floors) but she will not bark.

Snuggling In For A Nap

4.) How she poses for pictures. Mary really didn’t like having her picture taken for a very long time and then several years ago, I started bribing her. She would get a bite of a doggie cookie before I took a picture and then one after. She takes direction on how I want her sitting, standing or laying down and where and yet, she puts her own spin on it with the look on her face or how she has her head tilted.

Mary Giving Me The Raspberries

5.) How she doesnt’ just automatically trust everyone. Mary is a friendly little girl, but when she first meets someone and for a little while afterwards, she doesn’t like for them to touch her until she’s ready for them to be close enough to. It takes her a few visits of getting to know someone. If I’m holding her or if she is on my lap or beside me and I have my arm around her she will consent for a bit of petting, but she doesn’t just warm up to anyone. She’s selective. Being as how she isn’t a huge intimidating dog, I’m really glad she isn’t trusting, people steal dogs and other animals all the time.

Caught In The Middle Of A Yawn

6.) I love how I can leave a plate of food on my kitchen table, or on the coffee table or on my desk and she won’t bother with the food, trying to get it. As long as I am still in the apartment, anywhere in the apartment she will leave my food alone. She’ll either just stare at it from a few feet away, or she will follow me in whatever I’m doing.

These aren’t things that I’ve taught her,  these are things that she does on her own. She’s my precious girl. 🙂

Kari Lee


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