Meeting Mouse

Headshot of a full grown mastiff


(The dog in the picture above isn’t Mouse but an example of just how big Mouse is, or rather close to it anyways.)

When the weather is nice, I do a lot of walking. I walk to the library, the local grocery store (if I’m only getting a couple of things), family dollar store, a walk downtown or just to get out and get some fresh air…for pure enjoyment.


On a Saturday recently I went walking to Family Dollar to get a bag of dog treats for Mary. I made good time getting there, it’s less than an hour away, and on the way back I was a little over half way home when I looked up and saw I impressive sight.

      I saw a older man, probably in his 60’s somewhere, he was huge, I’m thinking close to 7 foot tall, as I felt like a little kid at 5’5 compared to his height. However he didn’t keep my attention long. My eyes were straying to the big furry guy beside him. A gorgeous mastiff! I’ve never seen one up close and in person and this guy (the dog) was utterly handsome in every way. He was a mixture of black and dark brown fur and they were walking towards me, a few feet more and they would pass me.

      I heard the man say, “No, come on. The lady doesn’t want to play with you, Mouse.” The voice wasn’t mean or in a particular hurry and the big guy (the dog) was trying to head towards me with his tail eagerly wagging and that was all it took for me. I had to say something…Without even looking at the gentleman’s face, I was still looking at the dog, I said, “Sir, is your dog friendly? Would it be okay to pet him for a second? I won’t keep you long I promise, it’s just that your dog is so gorgeous!” Instantly the duo came closer and stopped in front of me, with the furry giant sitting down at my feet. Even sitting his head was still way higher than my waist.

Reaching out I held out my hand for him to sniff and with an awed voice I said, “He’s just so handsome and sweet!” For as soon as his nose came close enough to sniff my hand, his tongue came out and my hand got a wet but gentle kiss. My heart melted!!

I made small talk with the owner/furdad for probably 5 minutes before I could tear myself away. Not once looking at the man holding the end of the leash so losely. I think I barely heard his deep voice. However I do remember some things that he said. Mouse wasn’t grown yet, he was only 18 months old, and being 18 months old he was already 180 lbs! See, I told you he was big! Once Mouse IS full grown he will be about 220 lbs. (I can’t even begin to imagine having a dog that size.)

In just that 5 minutes, Mouse stole my heart, he was/is truly a gentle giant as lovers of the breed have nicknamed the Mastiff’s. He was a gentleman and let me petting his head, stroking his ears and telling him softly how terrific he really was. He seemed to appreciate my words and agree if the rather big kiss that my hand got meant anything. LOL



2 thoughts on “Meeting Mouse

  1. He was/is such a big guy and so gentle. I have to admit that when I walk that way now I honestly keep an eye out. Since I really wasn’t looking at the two-legged guy, I couldn’t pick him out of a line up. But Mouse, I keep my eye out to see if I run into him. Gotta love on a good hearted boy, as long as his parents are okay with it. Thank you for the compliment on the post. Your very kind words are appreciated!


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