Sometimes Change IS Good

I know that at times I can be a contradiction in terms and strange. For instance…..I like to try new things sometimes and yet, I dislike change. Weird huh? Probably. I like choices, having different options though, even if I chose to have the same thing over and over. (Laughing) Strange but true, at least in my case. So maybe it the fact of being forced into change.

Back in 2010, I decided that I wanted to try something new. My drinking choices were hot tea, ice tea and of course coffee. I love having a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. A strong cup of coffee in the morning to help wake me up and get me moving is an wonderful thing in my mind. Plus I love the different flavors of coffee creamer. Coffeemate is a truly awesome invention, but I digress.

So my options for keeping hydrated were limited in my mind, coffee, hot tea and ice tea as I said above. It’s not that I was getting tired of tea, but whether it was hot tea or ice tea I wanted to cut back on the sugar. I wanted to work on cutting it back and cutting it down. Who needs so much, especially when I was constantly drinking something all day? A person has to stay hydrated, all through the year, especially in the summer time.

Cool Raspberry, one of my absolute favorites!

So I kept my eyes open at the grocery store and I found something. I found Wyler’s Singles. Now I have to admit that Wyler’s is my favorite company for this. I love the taste, they don’t have an after taste that can be so disquesting. Though my favorite of their flavors are Cool Raspberry, Peach Tea and Lemonade. Very good stuff, though all their favors are good.

Hawiian Punch Another Delish Brand To Drink

I also like the Hawaiian Bunch brand as well. Their Polar Blast is blue and it’s actually really good. Kind of like a blueberry type deal. Their Lemon Berry is delish too! All of their flavors are good though.

Crush Has Some Really Good Flavors

Crush has gotten in the market for Powdered Singles too and my most favorite of theirs is the flavor Orange. I could drink that all day and every day until I ran out. Not that I love the rest of theri stuff but I have favorites.

Tastes Just As Good, Just Without The Ice

Remember going to the store and your parents buying you an ICEE? Or maybe it was you buying it for your kids or your grandkids? They have their own ICEE powdered singles and they are great tasting too. If you use ice cold water and put the powder in, it’s got a really terrific taste that reminds you of what you tasted as a kid.

There are other brands that sell powdered drinks. Some are just as as popular with great tasting flavors. You just have to search out your favorites.






Most of these powdered drinks come in boxes of 6 or 8 in a box and the boxes cost generally $1. Very reasonably priced and very handy. I usualy keep a couple or more of the packs in a pocket of my purse so that if I go out to eat, I can order a water and drink what I like or if I go to a friend’s house all I need is water and I’m good to drink as I like.

Other than drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, generally these are all I drink the rest of the time. They are cheap, heallthy and easy. Plus I noticed after a few short weeks that with the cut back of sugar in my drink that I lost a little bit of weight and the only thing that I had changed was the choice of drink.

If you decide to give it a try, I encourage you to shop around. There are so many brands that make these powdered drinks, even some that come in a different container and they are just liquid drops that you put a couple of drops or so into the water. Granted those cost a bit more. However you never know what you might like the best. Take a chance….try something new. 🙂



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