This IS Going To Be My Year 2015!

My List To Work On For 2015

I determined the end of last year that THIS year would be a year of change for me. That I would do things different and that I would make a difference, even if the only differences that occurred would be in my own life.

At the end of each year, a lot of people make out a long list of resolutions of things that they want to do or not do in the course of the following year, which is good. Only usually by the end of the first couple months or even just a few days, the all important list loses it’s excitement and falls by the wayside….utterly forgotten.

I stopped doing these lists years ago because I was definitely one of those that forgot the list almost as quickly as I thought up each item. I don’t think I ever even managed to make it a full month with a list, a shame really. That I couldn’t seem to stay focused and determined.

As I wrote though at the beginning of this, I determined that THIS would be a different year. A year of change and accomplishment. I didn’t have a huge list, I didn’t make wide and long promises of things that I really wanted to do but only half heartedly believed I could do….Nope it was/is a short list of two things. Surprised?! (Chuckling) I wanted to keep it possible to do and realistic.

They are as follows:

1.) Attitude of Graditude ~ I want to remember the good things for 2015. I want to be thankful for the good things that God has organized, even if I don’t realize that’s what’s going on at the time. I love having a google email address. The reason being is because when you have a free google email you have access to all sorts of awesome things. Google Drive being one of them. I don’t have a pc, I have a wonderful newer android phone that I basically use as a pc though and a keyboard that I use with the phone. (I’m typing on it as I write this – gotta love amazon!) Anyways, moving on. With Google Drive I have the app on my phone and I can type up documents and save them to Drive even print them out at the library if I choose. I created a document, one for each month and I type something good for that day. Something that made me smile or laugh. Something that made me feel good, no matter how big or small, it makes the list because of how it it made me feel happy, blessed or special. Some days there is only one thing and other days there are many many things. As of today I am still up-to-date on each day. I’m looking forward to the beginning of next year when I’ll look back and see all the good things that happened to me during the course of 2015 from beginning to end.

2.) Attendence At My Church – This one I started toward the beginning to middle of December last year. I love my church. I do. I love the people, the pastors there and their families, I love knowing that no matter what I will feel that instant and extremely strong feeling of coming home, like coming in from the cold on a winter day. That I’ll be greated with smiles and hugs, the feeling of love shinning through. I love singing songs of worship, sharing coorporate prayer, being surrounded by my church family and hearing God’s Word preached. Deciding to myself that I will see how long I could go without missing a church service sounds easy until you make the decision to be strong and then things come from out of the blue to try to shake you’re decision and make you relent. My answer for that? Asking God for His help. Asking Him to help me to overcome what ever is trying to keep me from going, even when it’s my own selfishness that is fighting what I want. (Chuckling) Fighting myself…yep, we all do it at some point over different things and it sucks doesn’t? Well, so far I’ve missed only 1 service, my allergies were acting up badly and unfortunately, I missed this last sunday. Not that I’m proud or happy about missing a service, BUT I am glad that it’s just one time in 4 months and my determination is right back up to where it was before. I want to see how long I can go with out missing any more.

I know….it might sound silly that I only have a list of two things to work on all year….it’s just that if I bog myself down with a ton of things to do and if I make it the most complex things…..I’m only setting myself up to fail and fail hard. Knowing that it’s only going to end fast, hard and most definitely ugly…..who wants that???



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