Another Mary Fan

I can JUST picture Mary thinking, "I can't stop you from taking the picture but you can't make me smile! Or open my eyes!"

The first of the month is always busy for me. Mondays and fridays are usually busy days for me, not that the rest of the week doesn’t get busy at times but today was also the first so, it was doubly busy. Being the first it was time to pay rent. In the last 10 years I’ve only been a day late one time. Bills being paid and on time is one of the things that I make a priority, it was ingrained in me from a very young age.

So this morning I walk into the real estate office that handles the building that I live in, I figured that I wouldn’t have to wait long unless they were really busy, even then the secretary (Michelle) does her best to take care of all of us quickly with a sincere smile. They are certainly a good bunch there. Anyway, I walk in and the seceretary is busy and there is a new gentleman (Brian) at a desk and I’m motioned over to his desk to hand over the money order.

Now besides Brian’s desk is the building manager’s desk, her name is Gretchen. I’ve known Gretchen since 2012 when her company took over handling the building from the old owner before the building sold and then the new owner kept her and the company on to keep taking care of things. Which is good, I’m not always a fan of change and I like the people in this real estate office.

So while I’m paying Brian, Gretchen and I start chatting. Her very first words were, “Hi Kari! How’s Mary?” And it goes on from there. She wants to know how Mary with the arthritis in her back hips. Then she starts telling Brian about Mary, how sweet she is and how gentle, ladylike and how beautiful. Which has me smiling and Brian asking what kind of dog breed Mary is. Then Gretchen starts pulling pictures of Mary up on her computer to show Brian. (I forgot to mention that Gretchen had asked for pictures of Mary a couple years ago.) Which I was suprised that she still had the pictures on her computer. We chatted a few more minutes and then she asked me to send her more updated pictures of Mary. Which made me smile again.

Sometimes I forget that Mary has her own little fan club around town and even out of town. Gretchen at the real estate office, Rod at the hardware store around the corner, the girls at church, our family and friends in different states. Sometimes I forget but its not long before I run into one of them and I’m reminded.

Mary is a blessed little fur kid.



2 thoughts on “Another Mary Fan

    1. Mary used to absolutely HATE having her picture taken. I found a sneaky way around that. One that I probably should feel bad about but to be honest it’s worked wonders. I bribe her! I give her a small dog treat (or cookie as we call them) after every couple of pics. Since the beginning I’ve tapered off on the cookies, but she enjoys posing for pics now as long as I don’t go hog wild.

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