Saturday Night Suprise For Univited Guest


I love naps but I really dislike long naps in the afternoon. I’ve got one of those “sleep hangovers” sorta. You know the kind where you take a nap and yet, you over slept so you feel tired and it’s really hard to wake up and have a slight headache.

It’s all because of last night. Which last night wasn’t a bad night, nothing bad happened, nothing horrible or anything like that. Still, let me share with you. (My friend Jeri was cracking up this morning when I told her.)

My saturday night consisted of watching a little tv for a little while before switching to soft music in the background and reading one of my favorite books and relaxing. I’d been busy yesterday with cleaning the apartment and washing laundry for awhile. It was time for a nice quiet evening at home right? That’s what I thought anyway…..

By 11pm I figured that I would turn in. It doesn’t take long for the alarm to go off and wake me up in the am. (And just for the record, I’m not a morning person really unless I’ve had a full night’s sleep and sometimes a good cup of coffee.) Another reason I don’t stay up late Saturday evening’s is because honestly I like to get up very early on sunday mornings to enjoy the peace and quiet of a beautiful sunrise, savor a hot mug of steaming coffee with yummy flavored creamer, listen to my favorite radio preacher on I ❤ Radio and not run around getting ready for church like a crazed person. Sounds nice right? That was my thought.

Well, I was just about to turn off the living room light and head on to bed for a good night's sleep and then IT happened. Something caught my eye and I saw a tiny bit of movement. I turn my head slightly and I see what made the movement. A small – medium sized mouse under the little cabinet like table by the side window.

I didn't squeak, squeal, shriek or scream. I stood there for a half a second and I got mad! I’m one of those people that I don’t kill anything outside. I don’t go after anything that lives outside as it’s honestly their home but I have to admit…if you come into my home it’s open season. (I’m not talking about people or their furkids, but univited guests that walk on four legs or more than four legs….well…they are taking their life in their own hands and quite possibly ending it all early.)

My apartment building sits right in front of a tiny woods and so once in a while there’s a stray mouse that comes in to investigate and try to room with Mary and I. I have a couple of traps set in the kitchen that stay bated year round just in case one decides to try to move in.

So back to the univited guest in the living room, Mary by the way hadn’t seen it yet, her back was to that wall and she was facing me where I stood. It was one of those moments that had I been a cartoon, smoke  would have been rolling out of my ears and steam coming off of my body.

Instead of searching for something to use to get rid of this annoying mouse, I LUNGED with all that was within me, across the room to get to this tiny creature that brings disease and all sorts of chewing problems to any household. I missed it. I know that I probably didn’t have a chance at all to get it. I mean it wasn’t that far from the cold air vent on the floor to scurry into, but I made a really good try to get it. What would I have done had I been able to get it? I’m not sure. I didn’t have gloves on, shoes or anything handy to hit it or trap it with. Silly right?! I just….acted in anger, which isn’t smart….but it’s what happened.

And yet…..I’m betting that that mouse has never been so scared in all it’s short life. I’ve never seen anything move quite so quick, trying so hard to catch traction on my smooth wood floor. I know I scared that little mouse within an inch of it’s life. Did I mentioned that I yelled when I lunged? 🙂 (Snickering)

I haven’t seen or heard a mouse since then…

Mary on the other hand, (poor, sweet, gentle Mary) did her best to scramble to the far side of the room and blend into the wood work, away from me and the action. Bless her heart. I know it had to have taken her a while for her heart to begin beating normally again…

And as for me? Well, after I brought in a mouse trap to put under that little stand, I settled in to try to sleep, but sleep didn’t come. I ended up staying awake all night. I made it to church but oh that nap came easy when I laid down after church.



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