Spring Cleaning My House…Purse and My….Digital Purse?


It’s spring time. A time when everything outside is….renewed and reborn. Grass comes alive, flowers start to grow and trees bloom. Unfortunately it’s also a rebirth of mosquitoes, flies, fleas, ticks, spiders and so on, you get the picture.


Alot of people at the beginning of a new season start cleaning. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter cleaning. I’ve done that as well. On a daily basis I keep things picked up and put away so when I do drag everything out and do a thorough cleaning every month, it’s not as bad. I go through everything. Washing everything that can be washed and getting rid of things that I don’t want anymore. Tossing things in the trash that are broken or just don’t work. It makes things so much easier later on. (Like when it comes time to move!) If and when that time comes.


About once a week I clean out my purse. I carry a rather large purse, packed with all sorts of things that most people would chuckle at me over, but I’m one of those people that always wants to be prepared for different things. Yes, (sigh) I know I make things harder on myself because of carrying a bigger purse.

Recently, and actually the reason for this individual blog post, I went through my android phone and I realized just how much I carry on my cell phone. As much as I carry in my purse, I think I carry that much more in the android. Yesterday I went through my the phone photo albums and I transfered 1,294 pictures from my phone to the latest data card that I bought. (I can’t tell you just how many of those I own. They come so in handy.) It made me think of how loaded down my phone is.

Love My Phone

What all do I use my phone for?

*Pictures (those I snap on my own and those that are sent to me)

*Names & Phone Numbers

*Email Addresses

*Music (Yes, I download lots of music from trusted MP3 Sites)

*Appointment Schedule (I also keep it written down on a paper as well)




*Google Drive (I do a lot of writing on my phone with this app. Blogs, poems and stories. I keep it on my Google Drive it’s FREE & very very handy!!!)

So every so often I have to clean out my phone. Transferring music, pictures and written files to data/memory cards, uninstalling apps that I no longer need, use, want or that don’t work . As well running the anti-virus app that I have on my phone. Of course the anit-virus app is set up to run a on a schedule that is quite convenient, I’m generally alseep when it’s running. 🙂

It’s amazing and a little scary to realize how much of my life is wrapped up in this phone and saved on the data/memory cards. With that realization though comes another one. I carry not just a physical purse and a phone but I also carry a digital purse as well….which every so often needs to be spring cleaned.



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