A Little Self Evaluation


I saw this question earlier today on facebook when I was checking messages and looking at the News Feed.

It made me think about things that I’ve said recently…made me ask myself some questions…Some of the answers I was satisfied with and with others I know I need to try harder on.

*Have I been as kind as I could have?

*Have I taken the time to stop and think about others?

*What words have I used in speaking to other people? To Family? To friends? To people in passing?

*What kind of person am I really deep inside?

It’s easy to be kind and/or show love to people that I care for strongly or love deeply, but what those people that I don’t know or people that annoy me or aggravate me? Or people that I don’t know at all.

*Do I want to be a better person?

Smiles and cheerful words can change how someone else sees things just as quickly as it can mine. An honest compliment can work wonders on brightening someone else’s day just like when I recieve one over something even as simple as how I do my hair on a given day, or something just as small.

So today, I vow that I’m going to do better. I’m making the choice to watch my words and think before I speak. I want to speak words of encouragement and help to others and not just if I know the person and care about them. I want to be a better person.

🙂 Until next time…



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