Mary’s Morning Out

Miss Mary at the vet's office today

Today Mary had her second dog flu vaccination at the vet’s office. I can’t say that she was happy to be there and enjoyed it. Still she was a good girl, didn’t cry or whimper even when they took her temperature. She let Robin trim her nails and the doctor listen to her lungs and heart. She was listened as he softly talked to her as he examined her, checked her for fleas…

After all the attention is off of her.

She was a happy camper as long when she was off the table and on the floor near my feet. Mary is the kind of dog that likes to sit back and watch people, she likes to be the one to make the first move and you know that just don’t happen at a vet’s office.

Afterwards, She got loved on, given a treat from Robin and told she was a very good little girl. Then at home she got a couple of cookies (Milkbone treats) for being so good from me. 

Kari Lee


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