Sharing The Lense With Mary

So I’ve been trying to kill time today, since I’ve been waiting on someone and they haven’t been able to get here yet. What better way to kill time then pick up my phone and do something?

I decided that I wanted more up-to-date pictures of Mary and I together. It’s been a good 4-5 years or more since we’ve had some good pictures of us. So, I started in and figured that I would give it a shot and see what kind of pictures we could manage to get today.

Our first try today...

So…THIS was our first try. I wasn’t looking at the right spot on the camera myself, but just as I was taking the picture Mary yawned….So, this wasn’t our best picture. Still it’s one of my new favorites just because…

Our second try, no yawning for either of us....

This was better but I figured that we could still get a variety and have choices. Why settle after only a couple pictures, right? Aim for the stars…..

THIS was the third shot for the two of us...

I always love taking pictures of Mary. No matter what she’s feeling it always comes through. Whether she’s bored, irritated, angry, happy, tired and so on. I think she was starting to get a bit tired of pictures here. But I told her just one more try and then I would leave her alone. I don’t think she believed me, but….

The picture that I was wanting!

Okay… me crazy but THIS is the picture that I was aiming for. It’s the one that I was wanting. The one I was kind of hoping for. Okay, she’s not all excited and bouncing up and down for joy at getting her picture taken with me, but this one is the one that I wanted, or at least the one that’s close enough to the one that I wanted.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed today’s post of photos even half as much as I’ve enjoyed taking them and writing it. The pictures originally were taken in color but I love the black and white look.

Have an awesome Saturday, until next time! 🙂

Kari Lee


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