An Afternoon With Mary And Her Toys

May 31, 2015

So…’s sunday afternoon. Church was excellent this morning, I made lunch, ate (I fixed meatloaf, yum!!) dishes washed, dried and put away. After I came in the living room and watched Mary settle into a comfortable spot beside me, yes….Mary likes at times to sit with me on the couch in between her self imposed duties of guarding the yard from her post, in her chair on top of her pillow.

After she plopped down beside me, I looked at her, she looked at me and I said, “Hey Mary you wanna–” and she was off the couch in a flash. How she moves so quick at twelve almost thirteen years old is beyond me. Anyway, I got up, grabbed my phone and away we went on pictures. Although I wanted them to be different. I decided to dig into her toybox.

Miss Mary and ALL her toys

Mary is….easy on all her toys, she’s not one to chew things up. The only reason we find a new home for one or more of her toys is if she doesn’t play with it much. About every six month we go through her toys and the ones that she doesn’t play with, or I haven’t seen her with it/them, well, we throw it in the washing machine and then after “it” or “they” are dry we find someone to give it to. Usually our old neighbors. King and Scrappy get the ones that Mary just doesn’t like. It’s almost that time to go through the toys again.

Mary had a little lamb....

I named Mary after my maternal grandmother. I just fell in love with that name. Mary Elizabeth. Just like with having a two legged kid I only haul out the middle name when she’s in trouble, which honestly isn’t very often. Okay…technically Mary has three little lambs and after a little while of playing with them, it’s time to toss them in the washing machine again, but I wanted to get a picture of her with them today.

Mary and her absolute favorites

These seem to be her latest favorites, every so often it changes and she pick something new, we all seem to like to switch things up once in awhile, she’s no different.

I know it looks like I’ve spent a huge amount on money on toys, but the truth is, a few have been christmas gifts from friends and the rest I’ve bought at places like Family Dollar and the Dollar Tree. The most I’ve spend is $4.97 (one time) at Wal-mart for the gray donkey that is on the step with her. It was money well spent as she has carried that thing with her everywhere.

Love on those furkids! Until next time. ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. Oh buy the way, Mary was paid well for her time in front of the camera…three cookies.

Kari Lee


5 thoughts on “An Afternoon With Mary And Her Toys

  1. What a collection! Bailey destroyed her Moosie and bumper over the weekend. After 3 sewing repairs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, I am hoping to find some gently used stuffies at the Salvation Army store. I can see the advantages of having more than two stuffies like Mary has.

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    1. It’s taken a while for her to get the amount that she has. Like I said though we change them out with others. All of those toys that I’ve bought her cost only a dollar except the donky that she loves. I over indulge her, but I love seeing that little face light up and her tail wag a mile a minute.


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