Library Sale

Clark County Public Library & Book Mobiles

      Time has flown by, I just checked in and realized that it’s been 2 weeks since I last posted. Doesn’t seem possible. Time has really gone by quickly for me, sometimes I think too quickly.
      This morning I had some fun. I’m the type of person that loves going into bookstores and libraries. I could kill days and weeks in either place and not consider it wasted or boring time. I love books, new old and inbetween, it’s all the same, I love to read, always have.

Clark County Senior Citizen Center

      Well, today I went to the book sale that was held at the senior citizen center by the local lilbrary. There were thousands of used books that were being sold. Softback were .25 and hardbacks were .50. I was in heaven on earth. Each year, during the second weekend in June this happens, it’s gone on since before I came back to Springfield to live 10 years ago.
      People of all sorts of sizes, back grounds, races and ages are eagerly perusing the tables, thumbing through the boxes under the tables to see what titles are waiting to be picked up. The library also sells dvds and cds too but the books are without a doubt the main attraction at this sale.
      This is the third year that I’ve gone and I have to say that I love this sale. I spent $4 today and got 11 books and all were in very good shape. I just may go back tomorrow for the last day of the sale.

Love on those furkids! Until next time….:-)

Kari Lee


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