Mary’s New Favorite Thing

      For the past year I’ve been discontent and a bit whiny because I’ve not been happy where we’ve been living. Don’t get me wrong, it’s in a safe neighborhood, it’s got a good furnace in the winter, a awesome central air system for the summer. A second bedroom upstairs and a deck off of the small dinning room. It’s a nice place and while it doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg, well….prices are rising and it’s hard to make ends meet.
      May 11th I found out that this carriage house had sold, to be truthful I wasn’t aware that it was even up for sale again. This is the third owner since I moved in a few short years ago. Ahhh well….some places just keep passing around and around.
     Anyway, when I found out that the place had sold I got out my application for an apartment in a highrise down the street. I had gotten the application months ago and felt a pull towards there and yet….I just didn’t think that I would qualify. However on May 12, I took the application and walked down to the building and pushed the button for the apartment manager.
     Before I left I got the information that I had passed the credit check and I just needed a few more documents. A paper from the vet stating that Mary didn’t have fleas and her weight status (she wasn’t supposed to be over 25 pounds, however they accepted her at 29 pounds), papers concerning my finances, disability and so on and then we would get a final yes or no. On June 5th I got the final decision that Mary and I would be moving whenever we chose to, the apartment was ours. In order to give 30 days notice or as close to 30 days as I could. We decided that Mary and I would move in on July 1st.
      There are many benefits of living in this highrise. Too many to ever list here but one of the things that Mary is going to have to get used to is the fact that while this building allows pets, they have definite rules. Which I’m good with that. Without rules there is chaos and who needs more chaos in their lives? Not me. Anyway, no cat or dog can set foot in the hallway or the elevator, they have to either be carried, (which with my back I can’t carry her for long periods of time) or she has to be pulled in a little wagon or pushed in a stroller/buggy.
      Now to be truthful Mary has never been in a stroller or wagon. I’ve never used that with her but I looked up pet strollers on Amazon and found one that was reasonably priced and would do a good job. A friend told me that she wanted to buy it for me and when I tried to tell her no she wouldn’t take no for an answer.
      All of this time, between May 12th and this past tuesday I’ve been antsy to be honest. Mary is 12 & 1/2 and she takes a while to get used to things. She is after all the princess of our home and my life. She does things usually on her schedule and that’s just the way it goes. I had joked with friends that Mary probably would plan my death in her sleep for trying to put her in this contraption to ride around. At the sheer audacity of my thinking.
      And then….the stroller came. It was basically together, I just had to attach the wheels and then it would be all together. When I got it out of the box, I got curious looks and a wide space.  Mary wasn’t taking chances with this if she could help it. Although after I got the wheels on and had it setting up straight, I invited Mary over to take a sniff. I’d read somewhere that if a dog is made comfortable to sniff something they aren’t as afraid of new things.
      So I had her give it the sniff down and then I picked her up and put her in it, making sure that the brakes on both sides were set do that it wouldn’t roll with her if she moved.

First Picture Of Mary In Her Stroller

      This was the first picture and while she’s not jumping for joy, she doesn’t seem to mind too much.

Mary With The Zipper All Zipped Up

      Here’s Mary with it all zipped up. She’s not a fan of it that way but she didn’t have a fit over it either. 🙂

Up Close Zipped Up

      I couldn’t resist for a closer shot of her being all zipped up.

Mary With A Big Smile For The Picture

      I love this picture because (to me) it looks like she has a big smile on her face.

Mary's "Cookie" Face

      I had just told Mary that if she took one more good picture I would give her a “cookie” which to Mary is a milkbone cookie. Whenever her ears are up like this, it’s because I’ve mentioned a cookie.

After Our First Walk: Okay, I Walked And She Rode In The Stroller

      The same evening that the stroller came, Mary and I went for a short walk. This was her reaction after we got back before we went upstairs to our apartment. She was as happy as can be, or so it seemed.

Love on those furkids! Until Next time. 😉


Kari Lee


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