Is The Word “Old” Really Necessary?


Miss Mary after a long day of thunderstorms and no walk outside

      Mary has a fan club downstairs with some of the people. Most have asked me how old she is, I sigh and answer that she is almost 13 years old. Mary is 4 pounds over the weight limit here and the manager knows that and she’s stated that it’s okay because of her age and how attached I am to her and her to me.

     Most of the people have been very kind to and about Mary. When I’m downstairs taking her out to use the yard or bringing her back in, they stop me to ask a question about her, ask me her name or ask if they can pet her. They even tend to tell me about a pet they once had or knew and loved as well. Something about our four legged furbabies strikes a cord with most people in one way or another. They touch the heart in ways that we just can’t seem to.

      Since the move here though, I have to admit that I have come to dread hearing the word “old” in reguards to Mary. The last person who made the innocent comment to me, I smiled at and said, “You know, I dislike the word, ‘old.’ I really do.” I think I surprised the woman as her mouth fell open. I mean, I was nice when I said it, my voice was even friendly.

      Am I the only one? I mean is it hurtful to you in anyway when someone points out that your dog, cat, bird and so on is…old? Maybe I’m just being overly sensative? Maybe it’s just my fears of my time with Mary growing shorter? Maybe it’s just one more thing that I should let the comment “Go over my head and below my feet,” as my mother would say. My mother also used to say, ” I refuse to be ashamed of my gray hair, I earned every one of them.” And you know…she did and Mary has too. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Until next time….Love on those furkids! ๐Ÿ™‚


Kari Lee


One thought on “Is The Word “Old” Really Necessary?

  1. I prefer the word “wise one” to “old”. Better to hear, “How’s the wise one today!” in my opinion. Even after 18 years with my cat who passed away a week before Bailey came into our lives, it was never enough time together. Enjoy your moments with Mary as you have. Let’s hope that your neighbours banish “old” from their vocabularies. If not, think happy thoughts.


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