Mary & Laundry Time

Mary waiting on me to stop playing with the phone taking her picture and actually start the laundry in the washer...

      So….as most of you know Mary and I moved a few months ago. Some things she and I have to do a little differently than what we used to. Sometimes I have to be a little creative.

      Like…..landry time. Dogs and other animals aren’t allowed in the laundry room. They are just supposed to be taken in and out of the building to use the yard or if they are going some where with their families. With that comes the problem that Mary has a hard time dealing with being left in the apartment. Which I try very hard to take her with me whenever I can.

Settling in for a couple hours of doing laundry, granted she feels she has to supervise the work.

      My solution to washing clothes came back when she was howling at the top of her lungs a few months ago when she was very unused to being left in a new place. I started taking her with me when I would wash and dry clothes. I don’t break the rules, I don’t take her in the laundry room with me. I have her in her buggy in front of the window, 2 inches by the door and 5 foot from where I start clothes in the two washers. She waits there for me patiently in the hall and I start the washers.

Mary waiting for me to stop with the phone and sit down beside her as we wait.

      THEN…..I come back to where she is and we do something. If it’s warm out which here it stopped being warm a month ago, we take a walk around the building or she goes out to potty and relaxes with me as we take in the arm breezes. I set the alarm on my phone and we wait for the clothes to be done that way. If it’s cold, then I pull one of the simple small chairs out into the hallway where she is and we sit there waiting to be able to put the clothes from the washer into the dryer and then wait for them to be dry.

Sweet Contentment

      The kicker to all of this is the fact that I wait until it’s quiet which for this building is later in the evening.  My neighbors are all quiet ones, older and they believe in the early to bed, early to rise. Which there is NOTHING wrong with that. So Mary and I wash and dry clothes anywhere from 10pm to like 2am.

      Most of the time Mary settles down on her own, cuddles into her pillow and blanket in the buggy and goes to sleep unless I get up and then she’s wide awake.

She Heard The Elevator Doors Open Behind Her.

      I couldn’t help it! I love her ears in this picture. Usually I only get this type response when I say the word, “Cookie.” Which for Mary is a Milkbone treat of some kind. All her treats I call cookies though.


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