The Inbetween Week

      For some reason I’ve always had a fondness for this week….you know the one. The week inbetween Christmas and New Years. There’s just something special about it to me. December 26th brings a kind of relaxing feeling, because the stress is over…the major stress. Most people, not all but most are half crazed the month before Christmas. (Instead of celebrating the day that it was actually created for….the true meaning….which isn’t Santa Claus, fancy presents, how much you have or get back….the true meaning is Jesus coming to earth, being born to give His life for us. Taking our sin on Himself.)  They are either out shopping, planning to shop and going through all the ads to make sure where to go and what to buy specifically (having it worked out to almost a science) or they are dreading it so much that they wait till the last moment and it just ruins everything for them until they actually go out and get it all done. And then there are some that do their shopping way way in advance and just relax the rest of the time before Christmas. 

Me? I remember what the true meaning of Christmas, celebrate Him in my heart…love Him and do what I can do for those I love when I can and forget the rest. It’s just THAT simple for me.) I get it done as close to December 1st as I can and then I’m done. I’m through and I don’t stress and worry.
      However as I said, the week between Christmas and New Years is relatively calm. The pressure is basically and comepletely over. There’s nothing left to do. No gifts to buy, no presents to wrap, no huge dinner to make, no stressing over how the house or apartment looks because it’s done. It’s over and done. 

      New Year’s is so much lower key. Granted there are some that put a lot of stress on the fact that if they don’t have a date to bring in the new year that it’s going to affect the whole rest of the year….but….to me? It’s cake!

      Laugh if you will. I’m still single. Well widowed and single. New Year’s Eve is a wonderful day to stay in, relax…order a pizza to ring in the new year and watch the New York Big Apple drop on TV in pj’s. It’s peaceful. It’s nice and it’s just me and my furkid Mary. I guard my New Year’s Eve very close and tightly. 

      So….that’s why the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is special to me. It’s peaceful and comfortable like a favorite old shoe that just feels too good to get rid of no matter how friends or family complain it just works too well to toss out in the garbage. Have a wonderful day and a special week all. 

Until next time…love on those furkids. God bless. 😎



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