A Little About Mary 

Mary: “Are you seriously going to stand there, make me sit here and take my picture? I could be checking things out and relaxing out here! Hurry up Mom!!” This picture was taken in September of 2016

For those of you who haven’t read my blog yet, but are just coming to my page and checking things out….THIS is my furkid and my roommate. Her name is Mary although in the very rare cases where she’s actually in trouble over something she’s called Mary Elizbeth and believe you me she knows what’s going on when I haul out the middle name just like any two legged kid you meet that hears the same. 

Some Little Fun Facts About Mary

  • Mary is 14 years old, she was born October 12, 2002 and she’s been with me her entire life. Both of her parents were mine as well.
  • Her middle name is Elizabeth, she was named Mary Elizabeth after my very sweet, maternal grandmother.
  •  For most of her life she has been shy and hesitant to be around people, if someone spoke to her that she didn’t know….well she was trying to get into my clothes with me. (Since moving to the apartment building that we’re in now….well she’s become a social buttlerfly and a one dog welcome wagon to anyone around us.)
  • Mary loves socks, she doesn’t chew them up, she just likes to carry them around in her mouth. On different occasions she has been known to try to pull a clean sock off of my foot while I was still wearing it.
  • Mary is a firm believer that ANY time is BELLY RUB time. 
  • Mary like most furkids is a good judge of character but for some reason she like men more than women even though she loves everyone. 
  • She likes to go for walks but she loves going for a ride in her buggy more. 
  • Mary loves to be read and sung to. She loves attention. 
  • She’s very gentle and very sweet but she also can be stubborn if she thinks that she’s right.
  • In all her 14 years, Mary has never bit anyone or actually growled at any one. She’s a very sweet, friendly girl. 
Mary: “Come ON Mom, let’s get this party started. I’m here, where is everyone? Shouldn’t they be in here loving on me?”