Is The Word “Old” Really Necessary?


Miss Mary after a long day of thunderstorms and no walk outside

      Mary has a fan club downstairs with some of the people. Most have asked me how old she is, I sigh and answer that she is almost 13 years old. Mary is 4 pounds over the weight limit here and the manager knows that and she’s stated that it’s okay because of her age and how attached I am to her and her to me.

     Most of the people have been very kind to and about Mary. When I’m downstairs taking her out to use the yard or bringing her back in, they stop me to ask a question about her, ask me her name or ask if they can pet her. They even tend to tell me about a pet they once had or knew and loved as well. Something about our four legged furbabies strikes a cord with most people in one way or another. They touch the heart in ways that we just can’t seem to.

      Since the move here though, I have to admit that I have come to dread hearing the word “old” in reguards to Mary. The last person who made the innocent comment to me, I smiled at and said, “You know, I dislike the word, ‘old.’ I really do.” I think I surprised the woman as her mouth fell open. I mean, I was nice when I said it, my voice was even friendly.

      Am I the only one? I mean is it hurtful to you in anyway when someone points out that your dog, cat, bird and so on is…old? Maybe I’m just being overly sensative? Maybe it’s just my fears of my time with Mary growing shorter? Maybe it’s just one more thing that I should let the comment “Go over my head and below my feet,” as my mother would say. My mother also used to say, ” I refuse to be ashamed of my gray hair, I earned every one of them.” And you know…she did and Mary has too. 🙂

      Until next time….Love on those furkids! 🙂


Kari Lee


A Walk With Mary….

It’s been awhile since I blogged last and so I figured that I would first blog about Mary. Can’t go wrong with blogging about her, right?
      Here are some pictures of a walk/ride with her this week.

Early Morning Ride

      Since Mary needs to get out and take walks now since she’s not running up and down the stairs when she needs to go outside and use the yard like at the old place, she either rides in the buggy half way on the walk and then walks back or vice versa because she needs to get her daily exercise.

Checking Things Out Ahead

      We had stopped outside at the picnic tables and I was relaxing before we headed back upstairs after the walk.

She was.....a bit tired after the walk

      It amazes me how much stuff we have to take with us to go on a walk. It’s honestly like parents backing a diaper bag when they go somewhere, but I love every minute of it.

●My keys
●Cell phone
●Something for me to drink
●Something for Mary to drink
●A water bowl for her
● Hand sanitizer (okay that’s just totally for me)
●Her pillows (in the buggy)
●Her red blanket (over the pillow)
●Donkey (her favorite stuffed buddy)
●An umbrella (if it’s a little cloudy  we take that and make it a short walk)

      Until next time….love on those furkids. 🙂

Kari Lee

Mary’s New Favorite Thing

      For the past year I’ve been discontent and a bit whiny because I’ve not been happy where we’ve been living. Don’t get me wrong, it’s in a safe neighborhood, it’s got a good furnace in the winter, a awesome central air system for the summer. A second bedroom upstairs and a deck off of the small dinning room. It’s a nice place and while it doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg, well….prices are rising and it’s hard to make ends meet.
      May 11th I found out that this carriage house had sold, to be truthful I wasn’t aware that it was even up for sale again. This is the third owner since I moved in a few short years ago. Ahhh well….some places just keep passing around and around.
     Anyway, when I found out that the place had sold I got out my application for an apartment in a highrise down the street. I had gotten the application months ago and felt a pull towards there and yet….I just didn’t think that I would qualify. However on May 12, I took the application and walked down to the building and pushed the button for the apartment manager.
     Before I left I got the information that I had passed the credit check and I just needed a few more documents. A paper from the vet stating that Mary didn’t have fleas and her weight status (she wasn’t supposed to be over 25 pounds, however they accepted her at 29 pounds), papers concerning my finances, disability and so on and then we would get a final yes or no. On June 5th I got the final decision that Mary and I would be moving whenever we chose to, the apartment was ours. In order to give 30 days notice or as close to 30 days as I could. We decided that Mary and I would move in on July 1st.
      There are many benefits of living in this highrise. Too many to ever list here but one of the things that Mary is going to have to get used to is the fact that while this building allows pets, they have definite rules. Which I’m good with that. Without rules there is chaos and who needs more chaos in their lives? Not me. Anyway, no cat or dog can set foot in the hallway or the elevator, they have to either be carried, (which with my back I can’t carry her for long periods of time) or she has to be pulled in a little wagon or pushed in a stroller/buggy.
      Now to be truthful Mary has never been in a stroller or wagon. I’ve never used that with her but I looked up pet strollers on Amazon and found one that was reasonably priced and would do a good job. A friend told me that she wanted to buy it for me and when I tried to tell her no she wouldn’t take no for an answer.
      All of this time, between May 12th and this past tuesday I’ve been antsy to be honest. Mary is 12 & 1/2 and she takes a while to get used to things. She is after all the princess of our home and my life. She does things usually on her schedule and that’s just the way it goes. I had joked with friends that Mary probably would plan my death in her sleep for trying to put her in this contraption to ride around. At the sheer audacity of my thinking.
      And then….the stroller came. It was basically together, I just had to attach the wheels and then it would be all together. When I got it out of the box, I got curious looks and a wide space.  Mary wasn’t taking chances with this if she could help it. Although after I got the wheels on and had it setting up straight, I invited Mary over to take a sniff. I’d read somewhere that if a dog is made comfortable to sniff something they aren’t as afraid of new things.
      So I had her give it the sniff down and then I picked her up and put her in it, making sure that the brakes on both sides were set do that it wouldn’t roll with her if she moved.

First Picture Of Mary In Her Stroller

      This was the first picture and while she’s not jumping for joy, she doesn’t seem to mind too much.

Mary With The Zipper All Zipped Up

      Here’s Mary with it all zipped up. She’s not a fan of it that way but she didn’t have a fit over it either. 🙂

Up Close Zipped Up

      I couldn’t resist for a closer shot of her being all zipped up.

Mary With A Big Smile For The Picture

      I love this picture because (to me) it looks like she has a big smile on her face.

Mary's "Cookie" Face

      I had just told Mary that if she took one more good picture I would give her a “cookie” which to Mary is a milkbone cookie. Whenever her ears are up like this, it’s because I’ve mentioned a cookie.

After Our First Walk: Okay, I Walked And She Rode In The Stroller

      The same evening that the stroller came, Mary and I went for a short walk. This was her reaction after we got back before we went upstairs to our apartment. She was as happy as can be, or so it seemed.

Love on those furkids! Until Next time. 😉


Kari Lee

Library Sale

Clark County Public Library & Book Mobiles

      Time has flown by, I just checked in and realized that it’s been 2 weeks since I last posted. Doesn’t seem possible. Time has really gone by quickly for me, sometimes I think too quickly.
      This morning I had some fun. I’m the type of person that loves going into bookstores and libraries. I could kill days and weeks in either place and not consider it wasted or boring time. I love books, new old and inbetween, it’s all the same, I love to read, always have.

Clark County Senior Citizen Center

      Well, today I went to the book sale that was held at the senior citizen center by the local lilbrary. There were thousands of used books that were being sold. Softback were .25 and hardbacks were .50. I was in heaven on earth. Each year, during the second weekend in June this happens, it’s gone on since before I came back to Springfield to live 10 years ago.
      People of all sorts of sizes, back grounds, races and ages are eagerly perusing the tables, thumbing through the boxes under the tables to see what titles are waiting to be picked up. The library also sells dvds and cds too but the books are without a doubt the main attraction at this sale.
      This is the third year that I’ve gone and I have to say that I love this sale. I spent $4 today and got 11 books and all were in very good shape. I just may go back tomorrow for the last day of the sale.

Love on those furkids! Until next time….:-)

Kari Lee

An Afternoon With Mary And Her Toys

May 31, 2015

So…’s sunday afternoon. Church was excellent this morning, I made lunch, ate (I fixed meatloaf, yum!!) dishes washed, dried and put away. After I came in the living room and watched Mary settle into a comfortable spot beside me, yes….Mary likes at times to sit with me on the couch in between her self imposed duties of guarding the yard from her post, in her chair on top of her pillow.

After she plopped down beside me, I looked at her, she looked at me and I said, “Hey Mary you wanna–” and she was off the couch in a flash. How she moves so quick at twelve almost thirteen years old is beyond me. Anyway, I got up, grabbed my phone and away we went on pictures. Although I wanted them to be different. I decided to dig into her toybox.

Miss Mary and ALL her toys

Mary is….easy on all her toys, she’s not one to chew things up. The only reason we find a new home for one or more of her toys is if she doesn’t play with it much. About every six month we go through her toys and the ones that she doesn’t play with, or I haven’t seen her with it/them, well, we throw it in the washing machine and then after “it” or “they” are dry we find someone to give it to. Usually our old neighbors. King and Scrappy get the ones that Mary just doesn’t like. It’s almost that time to go through the toys again.

Mary had a little lamb....

I named Mary after my maternal grandmother. I just fell in love with that name. Mary Elizabeth. Just like with having a two legged kid I only haul out the middle name when she’s in trouble, which honestly isn’t very often. Okay…technically Mary has three little lambs and after a little while of playing with them, it’s time to toss them in the washing machine again, but I wanted to get a picture of her with them today.

Mary and her absolute favorites

These seem to be her latest favorites, every so often it changes and she pick something new, we all seem to like to switch things up once in awhile, she’s no different.

I know it looks like I’ve spent a huge amount on money on toys, but the truth is, a few have been christmas gifts from friends and the rest I’ve bought at places like Family Dollar and the Dollar Tree. The most I’ve spend is $4.97 (one time) at Wal-mart for the gray donkey that is on the step with her. It was money well spent as she has carried that thing with her everywhere.

Love on those furkids! Until next time. 🙂

P.S. Oh buy the way, Mary was paid well for her time in front of the camera…three cookies.

Kari Lee

How Do You Blog?

We live in a world where we have soooooo many options and multiple ways of doing things. Sometimes I’m amazed, sometimes I’m stunned and sometimes….I just have to shake my head.

Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve been curious….What do you use to write your blog?

Pen & Paper ~ Do you like to write the old fashioned way? With a notepad and a pen in your hand. Jotting down ideas and sentences as quickly as your hand can move back and forth across the page and then type up the master piece after you’re through?

Desktop Computer ~ Do you write at your desk. Getting all of your ideas out and then sitting and stretching in your chair every once in awhile so you don’t cramp and stiffen up. Maybe walking around the room before sitting back in your chair and starting in writing again.

Notebook Or Netbook ~ Do you like to go to a coffee house or fast food restaurant and type out your blog post, blocking out the noise and busyness all around you, so engrossed in writing?

Tablet ~ One of the new electronic toys to use. A handy one that stuffs easily in a purse to be able to pull out anywhere to write or from a briefcase for the same reason. Writing whenever you have a free moment from the day to day things like work and/or family life?

A Library Computer ~ Sometimes it’s just easier and cheaper to go and blog on a library pc, you don’t have to deal with the cost of internet and you don’t have to worry about the upkeep of a pc.

Or…..could you be writing like I do. I’ll be honest….I have no desktop pc, no notebook, netbook, or laptop pc, no tablet…….I DO however have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (I’ve had it for a year and by far is my most favorite cell phone ever. It’s a awesome phone! 🙂 Although I admit to being biased since I have one and use it all the time.) I use the phone basically as a computer, but I don’t type on the built in keyboard that I use for blogging, emailing, long text conversations or writing on anything that takes longer than 5 minutes.

BTC Bluetooth Keyboard

This handy gem is something that I wish I had bought as soon as I bought my phone a year ago. It’s sleek, light to carry, and cheap but you would know that from how terrific it works. It makes blogging so easy and fun.

So really….how do you blog?

Love those furkids! Until next time. 🙂

Kari Lee

Daily Pit Puppy

Today’s post is going to be a little bit different from the others but I hope that you enjoy it just the same.

I have a large circle of friends, all of them important to me and dear to my heart. However there is one in particular that I want to talk about. Her name is Judy and she’s a sweetheart, she really is. She never fails to make me laugh or give me encouragement when I need it or to tell me straight if she thinks I need that too. She’s a treasure as far as being a true, loyal and loving friend.

Judy loves the pitbull breed and if asked can recite an answer to just about any question you could possibly have about the breed. The first one she had died back in 2012 at the age of 12 years old I believe.  Her name was Diamond and she died, unfortunately of cancer. Judy and Diamond were pretty much bonded at the hip.

After a few months, even though Judy missed Diamond like crazy, she went to the local humane society and she got another pitbull, a blue pit (which to me makes no sense as she’s an all gray pit) who was at the time about a year old. Judy named her pittie princess, Sky Blue and calls her Sky for short. That was a little over 2 years ago.

Since Judy hasn’t had Sky since she was a wee puppy, I decided almost a couple of months ago, that I would send her a puppy picture a day, to give her something to smile over. You’ve seen those daily desk calendars that you tear off each days page andon the page it has a picture, saying or cartoon on it? Well, Judy gets a text of a cute little pitbull puppy.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This was today’s and I think this pup is soooooooo cute and sweet.  Althought to be truthful I love all puppies. .

Monday, May 25, 2015

This puppy just melted my heart, truly so cute and so sweet and soooooo tiny! I mean held completely in one hand and that little face…

Sunday, May 24, 2015

That little face……who could ignore or turn away from this face?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Who can resist the adorable pup in a swing?

One of the joys of having a android cell phone, is being able to send text messages when you want to and to be able to set them up to be sent when you choose. So every two weeks I set up fourteen puppy pics to be sent one a day for fourteen days. They are sent at noon each day and each day she sends me back what she would caption she would use for each pup.

I started doing this for two reasons…..1.) She didn’t get to see Sky grow up the first 12 months of her life. She saved Sky’s life she just didn’t get the puppy days, weeks and months. So in a way I’m trying to give that to her. And 2.) I wanted her to know that someone was thinking of her.

How long will I keep sending these puppy pictures? To be truthful I have no idea. It’s been almost right at 2 months and I’ve told her that when she gets tired of them or for any reason doesn’t want me to send them just let me know and I’ll stop and I won’t be offended. 

Love your furbaby! Until next time. 🙂

Kari Lee